Combinatorics is the study of discrete structures in general, and enumeration on discrete structures in particular. For example, the number of three-cycles in a given graph is a combinatoric problem, as is the derivation of a non-recursive formula for the Fibonacci numbers, and so too methods of solving the Rubiks cube. Different kinds of counting problems can be approached by a variety of techniques, such as generating functions or the principle of inclusion-exclusion.

Student Guides to Combinatorics


Listed below are various combinatorics resources including books, classes, and websites.


  • Introductory
    • the Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Counting and Probability by David Patrick (details)
  • Intermediate
    • the Art of Problem Solving Intermediate Counting and Probability by David Patrick (details)
    • Combinatorics:A Guided Tour by David R. Mazur.Follow this (link)
  • Undergraduate
    • Generatingfunctionology by Herbert S. Wilf. Free fulltext download here: [1]

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