Intermediate Algebra

(Formerly called Algebra 3) Algebraic subjects covered include advanced quadratics, polynomials, conics, general functions, logarithms, clever factorizations and substitutions, systems of equations, sequences and series, symmetric sums, advanced factoring methods, classical inequalities, functional equations, and more.

24 weeks



Mar 9 - Aug 24
7:30 - 9:00
$504 w/books
With Books $504
Mar 9 - Aug 24
7:30 - 9:00
$504 w/books
With Books $504
Jun 3 - Nov 11
7:30 - 9:00
TBA $460
$524 w/books
With Books $524
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AoPS Holidays

There are no classes on May 25, July 3, September 7, or November 23-27.

Who Should Take?

Students should have a mastery of basic algebra up through and including quadratic equations before taking this course. Typically this class follows our Introduction to Geometry class.

This course goes beyond what you would find in a typical honors Algebra curriculum. Algebra courses vary widely in their definitions, but our Intermediate Algebra class covers topics typically found in honors Algebra 2 and Precalculus classes, as well as many topics that are not found in most other curricula. Students who have completed a typical honors Algebra 2 course elsewhere may be ready for Intermediate Algebra.


Lesson 1 Review and Overview
Lesson 2 Functions Review
Lesson 3 Complex Numbers
Lesson 4 Quadratic Equations
Lesson 5 Quadratics II
Lesson 6 Polynomial Division, the Remainder Theorem, the Factor Theorem
Lesson 7 Integer and Rational Roots
Lesson 8 Proof by Contradiction and Irrational Roots
Lesson 9 Vieta's Formulas
Lesson 10 Multivariable Polynomials
Lesson 11 Advanced Strategies for Polynomials
Lesson 12 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series
Lesson 13 Advanced Sequences and Series
Lesson 14 Induction
Lesson 15 Exponents and Logarithms
Lesson 16 Radicals, Monotonic, and Even and Odd Functions
Lesson 17 Rational Functions and Partial Fractions
Lesson 18 Piecewise Functions, Absolute Value, Integer and Fractional Part
Lesson 19 Functional Equations
Lesson 20 Inequalities, AM-GM, Functional Equations
Lesson 21 More Inequalities
Lesson 22 Even More Inequalities
Lesson 23 Rearrangement Inequality and Challenging Problems
Lesson 24 Challenging Problems

Required Textbook

Intermediate Algebra
By Richard Rusczyk and Mathew Crawford

A comprehensive textbook covering Algebra 2 and topics in Precalculus. This book is the follow-up to the acclaimed Introduction to Algebra textbook. In addition to offering standard Algebra 2 and Precalculus curriculum, the text includes advanced topics such as those problem solving strategies required for success on the AMC and AIME competitions.

I have loved all the Art of Problem Solving courses that I've taken in the past, and this one was no exception. The instructor was very knowledgeable and fun to work with, and I learned many new concepts every week. It is a great privilege to take these classes; Art of Problem Solving has truly changed my life.


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