Intermediate Programming with Python

This course covers intermediate programming concepts such as recursion, object-oriented programming, graphical user interfaces, and event-driven programming.

12 weeks



Jun 9 - Aug 25
7:30 - 9:00
TBA $340
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AoPS Holidays

There are no classes on May 25, July 3, September 7, or November 23-27.

Who Should Take?

This course assumes that students have prior experience programming in Python. Specifically, students taking this course should be familiar with Python's built-in data types (including lists, tuples, and dictionaries), Python's conditional and flow-of-control structures (including if/elif/else, for, and while), and Python's input/output functions (including print, input, and file reading and writing). Students who are familiar with these concepts in another programming language but not in Python should learn the Python equivalents prior to taking this class.

Students with no prior programming experience should instead consider our Introduction to Programming with Python course.

For students with some programming experience, we also offer a Java Programming with Data Structures course. The Java course is more mathematically advanced and a considerably greater time commitment than Intermediate Programming with Python. Students who have not completed an Algebra 2 or Trigonometry course would probably find Intermediate Programming with Python more appropriate than the Java course.


Lesson 1 Review of Python Basics and Programming Basics
Lesson 2 Recursion
Lesson 3 Classes and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Lesson 4 More OOP
Lesson 5 Still More OOP!
Lesson 6 Inheritance
Lesson 7 Event-Driven Programming and GUIs
Lesson 8 More with GUIs
Lesson 9 Project Week 1
Lesson 10 Project Week 2
Lesson 11 Game Design Week 1
Lesson 12 Game Design Week 2

I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot of Python (especially graphics) and maybe even more about programming style and "how" to program, to save time later debugging and to find information about the program easily. On the homework, I felt that the graders did an excellent job going through every part of my program thoroughly and pointing out where I made mistakes or could have simplified my program. I struggled a little bit at the beginning of the class with the homework but got much more comfortable with weeks 3 and 4. I had / am having a lot of fun with the in-depth projects and it really taught me a lot more about programming.


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